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Cofoundr is committed to turning an entrepreneur’s “back of a napkin” idea into something tangible. After speaking to several incubators in Miami and experiencing the struggle itself, we realized that the art of execution was a big factor that was missing in the community. But it takes a well rounded team to be able to execute an idea successfully. Not only does the team have to be well rounded in skills, but the team itself must be compatible as well. Cofoundr allows entrepreneurs to create profiles for their startup and post Opportunities to help attract the talent needed. But that in itself is not enough. We’ve also integrated a piece that allows Freelancer’s and Founders to connect based on personality compatability using the DISC personality assessment test. We believe that teams that not only compliment each other based on skill, but also compliment each other’s personalities is a formula for sustainability, perseverance and success in the art of execution.

Experience your own voice. Create a profile.

Cofoundr profiles contain centralized key infomation about your startup. Create and upload the documents incubators, accelerators and potential co-founders want to see. Use your Cofoundr profile as a digital resume with your own unique URL.
Don't missing another opportunity.

Create an "Opportunity", where you post the type of talent you need. People with the skills you need can access the "Opportunities" and apply to become a part of your project. We aim to find you your next business partners.
Be social... Events that is. Cofoundr Social Club

Become a member and attend events to help you grow professionally. Hear startup experts speak about their story. Network with other up and coming startups. Or just come out for a fun time. The choice is yours.

You have your napkin and you have a certin skill-set that you need. CoFoundr allows you to find these people. Not only from a skill-set perspective, but also from a personality perspective which i think is critical.

Carlos Valle
Research Analyst - Baptist Health South Florida

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