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We build and develop the future environment for working, living and communication. We take on projects with the intention of finding smart, new solutions to problems, large and small.


Cofoundr is a platform that allows entrepreneurs the resources and education to create a legitimate startup by creating a platform that allows entrepreneurs to build a proļ¬le that can be showcased.

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This case study looks at identifying new marketing opportunities for Royal Caribbean International. By performing text mining and analytics on social media data such as instagram, we provided metrics, influencers and potential opportunities.

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The idea is simple, do you remember those handheld games that were popular from the 60s up until around the mid 90s that would use air to propel balls, basketballs or rings through water and caught? It is ok if you don't, we do and miss those games very much so. In fact, today, it is extremely hard to get your hands on one of these and that there was the problem. The solution was simple, we decided to painstakingly recreate the game so that it can find its way back into the hearts of all of those who once played and loved it as much as we do; this goes double for preserving the experience for our future children and grandchildren.

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Our first iOS Game has been released titled Bankrupt the Bank!... It is an addictive iOS game based on thimblerig aka the island gambling shell game. It is supported on all iOS devices.

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