Brand Identity

Your brand identity system is a unique and unified visual language that boldly represents your brand across all touchpoints. It encompasses distinguishing colors, typography, and symbols that evoke your brand’s unique ethos and authentic expression. More than just a logo, your identity should foster immediate recognition and elicit emotions of identification and preference within your customers. Ultimately, it’s a visual metaphor designed to convey your brand’s authentic essence in a way that resonates with your audience on a deep and personal level. At BluTekMedia, our goal is to make this metaphor relevant, and memorable.

Elements of brand Identity

Logos .

A logo is one of the most important part of a company’s brand identity. With its use on every advertising and branding material, a logo is something your customers are going to remember you by.

Color Palettes .

Color is one of the single most crucial elements when creating a brand. Understanding the importance and influence color has on your branding project is key to producing a strong and cohesive identity. Colour initially conveys no meaning when it stands alone but connotes feelings and emotions that alter depending on culture, time, personal experience, gender etc. Colour plays a major role in our visual perception and therefore a fundamental grasp of color perception in graphic and web design is critical in order to create a palette that evokes the right audience reaction.

Typography .

Typography is 95% of design – it’s a driving force in all forms of communication art. Can you imagine reading a magazine, checking out a website, playing with an app or watching TV without text? The choice of typeface can affect how a piece is understood. Good typography is utilitarian in that it should allow the reader to focus on the content and not the formatting.

Iconography .

Icons are subtle but powerful and versatile tools that you and your design team can use to create impressions in a viewer’s mind. In the same way that the small symbols you see every day remind you of what you can or should do, icons spread throughout documents and web pages can be very powerful influencers.

Illustration .

Illustration plays a vital role in promoting or advertising products for a certain company wherein the illustrator creates the images of the products to the target audience in the most attractive way. The audiences will get attracted to the illustration more than the contents and individuals who are impatient of reading the advertisement can quickly get to know about the product and its features through the illustrations provided with it.

UI/UX Designer

Fabian De La Flor, M.S

Your brand is more than a logo and some random colors thrown together. A brand is the cultural identity that drives your business to its fullest potential.