Project Mangement

BluTekMedia offers full cycle Project Management Services; that is project Initiation, Planning, Execution, Performance Monitoring and Closure. We believe that the implementation of formal Project Management Processes in a project are imperative in establishing trust with the client.

Our Project Mangement Process

Initiation .

- Host a project kickoff meeting, where we have a chance to meet with primary stakeholders to define the project at a high level
- Perform a requirements gathering session
- Creating a Project Charter defining purpose of the project as well as requirements for the project

Planning .

- Finish defining the project scope with primary stakeholders
- Identify the cost, quality, available resources and setting a realistic timetable for the project
- Establishing baselines, performance measures and milestones
- Establishing a clear communication plan between all parties. In this stage we determine the frequency of communication, communication platforms being used and communication expectations.
- Establishing a Risk Management plan

Execution .

- Allocating all the resources and human capital we have available for the project
- Execute project plans approved by the primary stakeholders
- Set tracking systems where all stakeholders and project members can easily view the status of the project
- Schedule status meetings

Monitoring .

- Measuring if project is on schedule and that the budget meets the stakeholders objectives
- Monitoring and testing quality assurance throughout the project life cycle
- Effort and cost tracking

Closure .

- Performing post project evaluations with stakeholders and project members
- Documenting lessons learned to increase efficiency on the next project
- Create execution plan for backlog items that arose in the project, or could not be completed during the project.
- Final project report
- Training and transition if needed
Project Manager

Danny Berrido

Write down a plan, execute that plan, and measure yourself against the plan. Over time, every idea gets copied, but execution is enduring. Spend 90%+ on execution.