Seach Engine Optimization Services

Creating an elegant, user-friendly website is just the beginning in the website design process. Even if you have the most creatively designed site on the Internet, it won’t do you any good if no one can find it. SEO is a complex and methodical process, which is not a one-and-done deal. Without the continuous monthly attention of an SEO professional, your site’s search results can suffer. According to Search Engine Watch, first page search results garner 95% of all search traffic. If you want to realize first page traffic, BluTekMedia can help.

What can we do to improve your seo

Quality Link Generation .

One of the many ways our team moves your website towards the first page of search results is through high quality links. In addition to links, search engines also measure other factors which contribute to your site’s search ranking. BluTekMedia will collaborate with your team to develop a content strategy to create shareable content. We then leverage your content with social channels to build backlinks and social signals. Search engines notice when your content is shared across social media and reward you for it in the results page.

Monthly Seo Reports .

Our SEO team will provide you with monthly reports with rankings updates so we are held accountable for the work we perform. These reports provide insight into new opportunities and possible threats from competitors so you can secure your online presence. We will also alert you to any noteworthy industry news so you can stay on top of any changes within the industry.

Quality Content Marketing .

We can create optimized content for your website, blog posts, press releases and landing pages. Whether you need to fill holes in your editorial schedule or require a comprehensive campaign for all your content needs on an on-going basis, our experienced professional copywriters make it easy.

Blogging For
Better SEO .

Your blog is a powerful content marketing tool. Publishing new and relevant content on a regular basis provides a boost to your website’s SEO. Despite the SEO value of blogging, your blog may not be properly optimized for search, or not optimized to its fullest potential. The strength of your blog lies in well written, relevant and keyword-rich content. Daily posts on industry news, marketing campaigns, services, products and general conversations with potential customers will increase your site’s page count and just as importantly, the perceived expertise in your industry. The kicker comes when users share your content with their social media network and spread links to your website across channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Project Manager

Danny Berrido

You can’t trick Google. It’s been tried. And it ended poorly. A good SEO strategy is based around good content, not good magic. There is no shortcut. No magical trick that will get you to the top of Google, or any other search engine. If you try to trick them, you may succeed in the short term, but it will cost you much more in the long term.